Larry R. Greenhill, Sr., Deputy Treasurer | Maryland Democratic Party


Larry R. Greenhill, Sr., Deputy Treasurer

Larry Greenhill, Sr. wears several hats while working for the members of Local Union 26 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ (IBEW).Larry serves as a Business Representative, Political Director and Vice-President, reporting directly to the Unions’ Business Manager. After graduating from the Union’s Nationally Recognized Joint Apprenticeship Program, many years ago, he went on to become its’ Training Director and has been involved in Democratic politics ever since. Larry considers himself a passionate advocate for working people not only in Prince George’s County, MD, where he currently resides but for working people across the state. 

He serves on the Prince George’s and Charles County Workforce Development Boards, the Executive Board of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Council and is active in its’ Committee(s) on Political Education (COPE). Larry has also served the State of Maryland for over 20 years as past Chairman of and Councilmember on the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council (MATC) which oversees the state’s voluntary apprenticeship system.   Larry serves as Deputy Treasurer for the Maryland Democratic Party.   


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