2018 Party Officer Elections | Maryland Democratic Party

2018 Party Officer Elections

On Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 10:00AM at IBEW Local 26, the Maryland Democratic Party will host its party officer elections.

Under the party’s by-laws, the Chair and First Vice-Chair must be of the opposite gender and of the three Vice-Chairs, no more than two can be of the same gender. Each region in Maryland—Eastern Shore, Western Maryland, Southern Maryland, Baltimore City, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County and Baltimore County—must be represented on the committee in the seven positions below Chair.

Below are the names and resumes of candidates for each position on the executive committee:
Kathleen Matthews, Montgomery County (incumbent)
Maya Rockeymoore-Cummings, Baltimore City
Vice-Chair (3 chosen)
Scherod Barnes, Baltimore City (incumbent 1st Vice Chair)
Wala Blegay, Prince George’s County
Darlene Cocco-Adams, Southern Maryland
Allison Galbraith, Eastern Shore
Scott Kane, Eastern Shore
Cheryl Landis, Prince George’s County
Delegate Cory McCray, Baltimore City
Jeffrey Slavin, Montgomery County (incumbent 3rd Vice-Chair)
Nicole Williams, Prince George’s County
Robbie Leonard, Baltimore County
Erwin Rose, Montgomery County
Bob Kresslein, Western Maryland (incumbent)
Deputy Secretary
Abena McAllister, Southern Maryland
Malcolm Heflin, Baltimore County

Deputy Treasurer
Jake Burdett, Eastern Shore
Cheryl Landis, Prince George’s County
Laurie Brittingham, Eastern Shore 
Chrissy Holt, Southern Maryland
Akil Patterson, Baltimore City
Scott Kane, Eastern Shore



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